About the company

Sequoia JSC is a young and dynamically developing IT company. We began selling equipment in the sales market in 2020. First of all, we make complex processes simple and affordable. Our team has completed dozens of transactions and has acquired satisfied clients who work with us regularly.


We always keep up with the times and focus on meeting the needs of all our customers.


We already have projects that make life easier for modern people:

  1. Development of the Tillme mPOS-terminal for the B2B and B2C market segments. This device allows for contactless acceptance of tips, improves communication between the seller and the buyer, and helps understand the needs and wishes of the client better.
  2. Development of Traffic Analyzer++, together with RAMEK. It is a modern hardware and software system that captures and processes a large array of network traffic and analyzes it in-depth. Such equipment will be useful to accomplish business goals and overcome difficulties in the operation of the enterprise's IT infrastructure.


We offer each client individual financing conditions suitable for their project, including rates, terms, and leasing payment schedules.


We will gladly answer all your questions. To contact us, please go to the Contacts section.

Contacts section.