Device for receiving cashless tips

Device for receiving cashless tips Tillme ®. One love — one device

Tillme® — innovation, simplicity of solution, workability, mobility. Round pos terminal Tillme® is a lightweight mobile wireless payment terminal for accepting payment of rewards (tips) of a new generation, developed in Russia

What tasks does it solve?

  • Allows you to pay tips and rewards contactless via NFC
  • Builds communication with the client
  • Provides analytical data
  • Collects customer reviews
  • Generates statistics
  • Allows you to be part of the Tell me® ecosystem
  • Gives privileges
  • The system provides for over 150 use cases
  • Позволяет оплачивать чаевые, вознаграждения бесконтактно через NFC


  1. . Automatic account opening
  2. There is no need to pay taxes: the funds entering the system are income received from individuals as a gift, and are not subject to personal income tax according to paragraph 18.1 of Article 217 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation
  3. Enrollment takes place on a day-to-day basis

What have we achieved?

Tillme ® is an innovative contactless method of receiving tips and rewards in modern times when people rarely carry cash

Our goal is convenience and ease of payment, transparency and speed of crediting money to your personal bank account

Trust is a key factor in the development of non—cash payments

The system created in Russia. Social orientation — the cost is lower than that of competitors

A tool for generating income for the self-employed of the new generation

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