Russians can now order goods from Chinese online stores


If you ask every marketplace user what they used before the spread of Ozon and Wilberries, then every second person will name Chinese platforms.

Why? The answer is simple: prices. After all, these sites mainly sell Chinese-made goods. Therefore, naturally, it is more profitable to buy such goods in China, even in terms of other currencies. And, of course, the range is also impressive. On such sites, buyers can find equipment, household appliances, toys, cosmetics, and things. In general, almost everything. And most of the products are not represented on Russian marketplaces.

You can now order all this directly from Chinese sites thanks to the expanded powers of the Russian Post service. Buyers have access to such platforms as Taobao, JD, Suning, Kaola, DHGate, Poizon and others.


How it works?

Users of the service must register and rent space in a foreign warehouse (where goods will arrive before being sent to the Russian Federation).

After this, the user places orders and pays with a foreign card. When the goods arrive at the warehouse, the user will receive a notification and will then wait for delivery to their address in the Russian Federation.


If the user does not have his own foreign card, then the order can be paid in rubles using the Russian Post service. Links to products are added to your personal account, and the Post Office itself will buy them. However, in this case, you will have to pay a commission of 10%.


What is the cost of delivery of goods from China?

We did the calculations on the service’s calculator and came to the conclusion that delivery of 1 kg of products from China using this service is approximately $10.

However, the total cost of goods in the cart cannot exceed 5,000 yuan.


What about delivery speed?

Delivery of goods from China to Russia using the Russian Post service will take from 4 weeks.



The advantages of the service are obvious. Even when paying with Russian cards, prices are more favorable than through many unofficial intermediaries. And of course, a huge selection of goods from China is again available to buyers from Russia.


What to do if you need a large batch of goods from China for legal entities?


Everything we discussed above is available only to individuals. And when your goal is to order gifts, say, for New Year’s for your loved ones, this is a great option. But what if your business directly depends on goods from China?


Then you can contact us, SEQUOIA. We have been delivering goods from China for a long time. We will be able to arrange supplies for the development of your business, we will find the best trusted suppliers in China, we will check your cargo ourselves before shipping, and we will prepare all the necessary documents. Thanks to cooperation with our company, you will receive your goods in the best possible condition and in the shortest possible time. You can get advice and ask questions about importing goods here.