Russia has dramatically increased aluminum supplies to Europe


Russia has increased aluminum supplies to European countries by 66%. The sales volume amounted to more than 26 thousand tons, and its cost was about 60 million euros.

It is expected that soon the European Union may completely ban the import of such metal from the Russian Federation. This forced European traders to increase the volume of aluminum purchases. 

Imports of domestic metal in Spain grew the most. Supplies there increased by more than 4 times and amounted to over 4 thousand tons. Austria began to buy almost 3 times more aluminum (about 1.5 thousand tons), France more than 2 times more (over 5 thousand tons).

If the EU decides to abandon the supply of this important metal for the automotive industry from Russia, buyers from Europe and the United States will have to compete aggressively for aluminum imports from the Middle East. At the same time, local suppliers will not be able to quickly and completely fill the shortage of such goods. Thus, according to analysts, the embargo on its supplies will be a heavy blow to European industry and will lead to higher prices.

Before that, the Days of Aluminum were held at the exhibition-forum "Russia" at VDNH. During the sessions, representatives of government agencies and businesses, as well as experts discussed the role of aluminum in the country's economy and current problems of the aluminum industry.