Russia and China are going to open the Arctic Silk Road


Against the background of global warming, Russia and China have decided to create an "Arctic silk road". Its opening will allow cargo to be delivered from Shanghai to Hamburg via the Suez Canal route almost 2 times faster: in 18 days instead of 35.

According to The Economist, Chinese companies are realizing the advantages of cooperating with Russia, which controls about half of the Arctic coastline and the lion's share of Arctic hydrocarbon reserves.

At the same time, the authors of the article note that Russia is interested in creating new ports and opening oil and gas projects. Moscow welcomes the participation of Chinese companies in the development of the Arctic coast.

"Russia is very interested… So we can say that China has found itself in a very advantageous position," Kjell Stockvik from the Far North Logistics Center in Kirkenes (Norway) told the publication.

In conclusion, the authors of the article report that during the recent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China, both sides agreed to "promote the Arctic route as an important international transport corridor" and urge their enterprises to "strengthen cooperation in increasing traffic volumes along the Arctic route and creating logistics infrastructure."