The first cargo from Minsk was delivered to Shanghai through the port of St. Petersburg


For the first time, a container train with cargo departed from Fanipol station (Belarus, Minsk region) to St. Petersburg, as part of intermodal transportation to Shanghai.
That is, in St. Petersburg, the cargo is reloaded onto a ship and then through the Suez Canal the goods reach China.

The containers (and there are 62 of them in the first set) contain lumber and wood products produced in Belarus. The entire path from Belarus to China will take 50-55 days.


Will transportation along the route be regular?

Let's remember that logistics is expensive. Yes, the main goal is to provide people with goods, that is, to deliver them from point A to point B, but there must be an economic sense in such deliveries.

Therefore, at first, the logistics scheme will be used only upon customer requests. For example, if Belarusian enterprises again want to send wood materials to China, this will be possible.

In the future, it is planned to dispatch 2-3 trains with goods per month.


How will the new way of delivering goods from Belarus help?

Perhaps the most important thing is that this logistics route will relieve congestion at the Kolyadichi station, which is mainly used for export/import. This is why the infrastructure is overloaded, and goods in containers take much longer to travel than we would like.
And with the use of the Fanipol station, the problem of infrastructure overload can be avoided.

Secondly, the new method of delivering goods will encourage Belarusian businesses to send more products abroad. After all, it is often possible to sell something abroad much more profitably, the main thing is that it is possible.

Thirdly, the delivery of goods through the ports of St. Petersburg strengthens the importance of these ports in logistics. In addition, it is beneficial for logistics companies.


What plans are there for the delivery of goods from Belarus?

If this route (Fanipol - St. Petersburg - Shanghai) shows itself well, then Belarusian businessmen plan to send their products to other countries, for example, to India and the countries of Southeast Asia. Also, if there is a request from foreign partners, goods can be delivered to Belarus in the same way (only in the opposite direction).