Regular delivery of consolidated cargo has been launched from Vietnam to Russia


Fesco is responsible for delivery of goods. The first prefabricated container from this country was sent to the Russian Federation on April 7. According to the company, delivery of goods will take from 9 to 12 days.
Goods will be delivered by sea in biweekly intervals.

How is logistics structured?

Goods from Vietnamese manufacturers are consolidated in a logistics hub in Ho Chi Minh City. Further along the sea, containers with cargo go to the port in Vladivostok. From there, goods are distributed throughout Russia via railways or roads.
The main advantage of the service is that cargo travels between countries directly, without reloading in any third country. That is, they are loaded in Vietnam and unloaded in Russia.

What goods will be transported this way?

All types of non-dangerous goods with a volume of 1 cubic meter or more. All popular goods can be transported by sea, including clothing, shoes, food and auto parts.

What goods from Vietnam are in demand in Russia?

This country is famous throughout the world for its coffee. Also very popular are food products such as fruits, dried fruits, canned foods, tea, and spices. Vietnam also exports clothes and footwear of its own production, rubber and rubber products, fish products, fresh vegetables and fruits.

The main advantage is that the products are well known on the Russian market. If you order coffee or, for example, dried mango using the marketplace, you will be surprised. After all, most of this type of product is made in Vietnam.

What are the main advantages of the new method of delivering goods from Vietnam to the Russian Federation?

1. Speed. 9-12 days is an excellent result for sea transportation. Again, the path is straightforward, so additional delays are virtually eliminated.

2. Delivery price. As we have already discussed in our articles, sea freight is famous for its price. They are much cheaper than air transportation. And given the wide selection of goods, you can bring various types of goods to Russia in one delivery.

3. The products are well known to consumers. This means you can calmly analyze demand and understand which products are most suitable for the development of your business.

4. Warm relationships between Russia and Vietnam. It's no secret that countries cooperate in many areas. This means that it will not be difficult to find trusted suppliers.

How can delivering goods from Vietnam help your business?

If your business is related to sales, then most likely you have suppliers from China. So why not expand the range of products and offer your customers Vietnamese products?

For example, you can look in the direction of high technology. The production of PC components and car components is developed in Vietnam. In addition, the country produces several popular types of electric vehicles. And if bikes, for example, are suitable only for certain regions and consumers, then electric cars can easily compete with Chinese analogues and even cars from Tesla.

In addition, construction materials are produced in the country, and now this area is actively developing in Russia, new facilities are being built in different regions of the country. Plus, don't underestimate food.

The main products from Vietnam that can be found all over the world are: coffee, rice, fruits, vegetables.


Considering the convenience of delivering goods, we should expect more products from this country to appear in Russia. By analyzing demand and finding trusted suppliers, you can offer customers not only goods from Vietnam, but also from other Southeast Asian countries. Considering that consumers are now accustomed to goods from Asia, you can strengthen the role of your company in trade turnover, as well as establish useful connections that will help your business develop, bring additional profit and make your brand more recognizable.