Development and sale of equipment

Our company develops and sells IT equipment for solving various tasks!

One of our developments is "Traffic Analyzer ++"

How can I use "Traffic Analyzers ++"?

Our equipment can help your business; "Traffic Analyzers ++" are suitable for solving complex and versatile tasks.:

creation, structuring and analysis of graphical data (charts, forecasts, graphs);

processing of a large array of information for further analytics (personal data, digitized data from production equipment);

working with photo/video content (rendering, 3D modeling, editing, animation and graphics);

design, geodesy (drawing up complex graphs and diagrams);

work in the fields of AI and machine learning;

capacities can be leased to legal entities and individuals.

Why have we succeeded in developing IT equipment?

Under the conditions of sanctions, it can be difficult to purchase the necessary powerful equipment in Russia.

In addition, many licensed software is no longer available.

Our "Traffic Analyzers ++" are manufactured in Russia, they are assembled in St. Petersburg.

We work with hardware manufacturers such as Asus, Nvidia, Bitmain and AMD.

We also use components of domestic production (motherboards, processors, etc.).

Each device goes through several levels of testing before being delivered to the customer.

We store Log files of each device.

We guarantee our equipment (the warranty period depends on the conditions of use).

All our devices are certified.

Our equipment can be installed in government institutions, such as MFC, offices of large companies, server rooms, etc.

What IT equipment can be ordered from us?

Almost any equipment for machine learning, rendering or leasing of capacities.

Buying equipment from us, you get a warranty and all the necessary documents for the devices.

The devices are supplied from China. We cooperate only with proven and reliable suppliers.

We can deliver devices that are not on sale in the Russian Federation.